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Immediate dentures are dentures that are placed in your mouth immediately after your teeth are extracted.


Whether you’ve suffered from severe tooth decay, injury, or gum disease in the past, immediate dentures will make the transition to dentures less noticeable and also helps keep you performing everyday functions like chewing and speaking.


Contact 1 of our 5 convenient locations today to get started!


At Deegan Denture Clinics, we understand that every patient has their own unique needs and expectations for their dentures. Our patients can rest assured knowing that their dentures are personalized specifically for them throughout our process:


To begin, we use our patients mouths as a model and take impressions of the upper and lower arches. This impression is used to make your brand new, optimally fit denture in our laboratory.


Your denturist will help and guide you in the selection of an appropriate shape or colour of your denture’s teeth and gums.

Rest assured that not only do we strive to restore our patients smiles, but also their original bite! This means that during subsequent visits, our highly trained, BPS certified staff will work to achieve a satisfactory fit and appearance.

Our denturists will also provide thorough testing of the patient’s speech abilities and denture functionality, monitoring any changes over time. Only when the client is completely satisfied with the details will we begin to fabricate the denture.

At Deegan Denture Clinics, we don’t just rely on the approval of our Denturists. This means we don’t process any changes without your knowledge, and every step is approved by you!


At Deegan Denture Clinics, we understand that what works for your friends may not always work for you! Every denture is made with different materials and different techniques. If you are unsure of what denture option is best suited for your lifestyle, feel free to contact one of our highly skilled BSP Certified Denturists with your questions.



While we make every effort to ensure the delivery of a good and functional denture, please remember that there is no such thing as a perfect denture! Immediate dentures have the potential to alter your eating and speaking abilities for a short while. However, know that a bit of practice with them quickly will smooth out your bumpy transition.


As a result of the teeth extraction process, your gums will shrink for 6 months. Subsequently, your dentures will need to be re-based or re-lined to fit accordingly. Expect yourself and your denture to have to take some time to adapt to one another. At Deegan Denture Clinics, we are proud to provide concurrent care to our patients during their healing process. If there is anything we can do to make to make your transition more comfortable, please do not hesitate to let your Denturist know!



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